Zenfone 5z lift to wake up issue

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Lift to wake up function works in an unexpected way. The phone wakes up even if you put the phone horizontally onto the table, sometimes. In latest firmware, it improved a lot but still it wakes up occasionally:(

I mean, even third party apps achieves this function easily. How much difficult can it be to wake the phone only when you pick it up and raise?:((


  • Working perfect for me.

  • Same... Works fine for me... Yeah it was there earlier but has solved. Not experiencing issues. Works fine for me. I mean not as lit as an IPhone 11 but yeah it is a sensor, it does its job. Not a great hassle. Just some nicks here and there that too very rare.


  • I will post a video soon, you can check. İt is the worst implementation of this feature i have ever seen.

  • Look at the attached video. Is this the "working perfect" thing?

  • Ik.... This same is happening with me.....but we have to understand... There are more imp. things to be solved right now.... More serious bugs... Many more major implementation. I am not saying this bug is not serious, it is, only is prioritized at bottom of the other bugs.

    Hope you understand. Btw I'm with you, it is annoying when it is noticeable.


  • Hi ozgur.105,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. The relevant team is looking into the problem. We'll notify you once we receive any update on this issue.

    Thank you.

  • Please correct this issue in the next update. Even a smart band is able to achieve this function without any problem. How much difficult can it be, i really can not understand...

  • Nope, still same issue:((

  • Hi ozgur.105,

    Sorry to have kept you waiting. We're still in contact with relevant teams on this issue, and we'll notify you once we receive any update. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  • Hi ozgur.105,

    Sorry for the long wait. After consulting relevant teams, we're afraid this is a normal behavior. We're sorry to say that there is currently no plan to adjust the behavior. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • This is abnormal. The phone wakes up countless times while we are in action. And even a smart band is easily handling this feature. Pfff, completely disappointing. I am using a third party app for this feature. Shame on asus.

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