Zenbook WiFi signal strength loss

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  1. System: Zenbook 13
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: UX331UA
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Continuous
  5. Reset OS: Yes
  6. Screenshot or video: No


Detailed description:The signal strength of Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 chip deteriorated over night. I can only detect a wireless network if the unit is less than 5 metres away from router. Reloaded drivers and sent the unit in to the local ASUS repair center. Finding was that chip was damaged in some way.

Is there another possibility?


  • Hello Donald,

    Is there any issue with the repair center that you would like to ask for more issue cause or verification?

    Thank you.

  • The repair center was unsure what the fault was. I would just like to know if they may have missed something. The unit less 18 months old and I was told that the only way forward was to replace the main board. This is very expensive.

    Just disappointmen.


  • Hello Donald,

    Our official service center is responsible to find out the correct root cause and fix it for you.

    please kindly wait for the result.

    Thank you.

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