Asus ZenBook - stuck in Sleepmode and overheating battery

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Since I got my UX430UAR Signature Edition it has had problems when going into sleep mode. Once it goes into sleep mode, it never wakes up making me ultimately have to hold the power button and reboot the laptop everytime it happens.

I did not think of it much when I got the computer in the beginning of 2018, but got so frustrated one time when it happened in the middle of me writing a long essay that I reformated windows. This did not fix the problem and I have just sort of learnt to live with it.

More scary is however the fact that it sometimes overheats, going up to very high temperatures and draining the battery. This is not the first time I have written about this problem, it was discussed by a bunch of people on this thread: a thread which I followed up on every now and then but the thread seems to have been removed, perhaps by the person who initially wrote it or perhaps by Asus. The plot thickens.

Since I know I am not alone with this problem I am writing this post for another chance of finding a solution to this problem. If anyone knows anything in relation to said problems, please do share!


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    Hello olle,

    Active users in that thread have been provided with service long time ago....

    Please send your device to service center.

    And provide SN and RMA number in the PM I send you.

    I can help to start the all process all over again for you.

    Thank you.

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    ok  characters too short.

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