OTA updater misbehaving

skylerwolfeskylerwolfe Level 3
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

I prefer to update via full firmware zips rather than OTA. For some reason, even though I have the OTA service set to manual updating, for the last few updates it will start to download and update anyways when I reboot the phone (when a new update is available obviously).

When I noticed that 145 was available (via the web, not the updater) I avoided rebooting my phone until the full firmware update was available (this morning for me). I rebooted the phone to trigger it to update from the FULL firmware and once I gave it permission it started to update. Meanwhile the OTA service also realized there was an update and started to download the OTA update. So I had to turn on airplane mode to block it from completing. This seemed to hijack the update I had already started as it was stuck at 32% for at least a few minutes. Rebooting the phone a few times finally allowed the full update to complete.

Please fix the OTA updater such that it neither downloads nor installs an update unless manually told to do so when the settings are set as manual.


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