I just bricked my rog phone QDLoader 9008

brsteejbrsteej Level 1
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I have asus rog phone Z01QD (unlocked bootloader)

By mistake i used Asus phone 2 fastboot rom

Now its only QDLoader 9008 

Any way to fix it ?


  • CyberPunk2302CyberPunk2302 Level 2
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    Go to XDA and download the official ROM.

    Boot to Fastboot and Flash the OEM ROM and check if it helps.

    Did you take a backup from Recovery before flashing the Rog Phone 2 rom?

  • brsteejbrsteej Level 1

    Thanks but cant boot to fastboot .. its only black screen and Qualcomm port

  • If you are unable to go to recovery or Fastboot, I think it's more than a hardbrick. Unfortunately I don't think the phone is in warranty. Asus isn't of much help. But please contact them post lockdown and get it reach a service center. Let me check for source.

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