Touchpad issue on Zenbook Flip S UX370UA

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  1. System: Windows 10 Home
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: UX370UAF
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Constant
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video: n/a


Detailed description:Hi, I have been using the touchpad on this Flip S ok then it now stutters when it's processing something like opening a webpage. It randomly stops responding while scrolling in any direction or becomes very slow.

I have installed all the updates drivers from Asus website , and followed the support as well and rebooted my laptop but issue persists.

This issue happened a few weeks ago, then I performed a windows recovery and that seemed to fix it temporarily, now it is back.

Please assist me with this.


  • Hello cjstorm,

    May you check if there is any specific update or modification before the issue occurred?

    Also, please kindly double check if your BIOS is up to date.

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    The issue started on the 24th of April, I switched on my laptop and was using as normal when it happened.

    I have checked and have not found a specific update that I installed on that day or the previous so I am not sure which update may have caused this.

    I installed the latest BIOS for this model last month that is currently on the website (6/6/2019)


  • Hello cjstorm,

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    Have you installed any new program recently?

    or have you change places or new electronic surroundings recently?

    It would be great if you can record a video of the issue. (your finger movement and pointer reaction included at the same time).

    If you can specify more when or in what scenario does the issue mostly occurred, would be more helpful as well.

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    I have not installed a new program, or changed places with electronic surrounding.

    I think I discovered what makes the touchpad unresponsive; when a website with ads or pop-ups is visited the touchpad starts to slow down and affect the touchpad even outside the browser.

    Performed a reboot two days ago and it has been working okay except when I load a busy website then it misbehaves.

  • Hello cjstorm,

    I see, thank you so much for the description.

    Please kindly update the browser itself as well.

    And let me know if the issue comes back or occurred in more than 1 borwser.

    Thank you.

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