Both tap/auto focus not working at FHD 60FPS video recording

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Hello guys,

Please try to reproduce following and if you got the same issue comment below.

1) in stock camera, go to video mode

2) in menu at top, select FHD 60FPS

(Go in dim lighting environment, or indoors at evening)

3) focus on any close object (so close, like almost like macro,)

4) then move phone slightly to focus on far away background,

You would notice it won't auto focus to far object, and camera feed will remain blurry / out of focus

5) now try tapping on far object/background, it won't even try Focus.

(If you try with FHD only(30fps), it should work flawlessly, both auto focus and tap to focus)

Please comment if you found this issue too.



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    Just tested and it works normally. Both automatically and by tapping on the focus point

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    If I do it manually, it locks focus. If I don't tap on focus point (leave it automatically), it will refocus from distant to close. But takes a moment. It's not instant.

  • I doesn't work fluidly in indoor lighting. Thats evident when you compare it with 30fps mode. 60fps is comparatively less reliable and jancky at focusing when it does on the other hand 30 fps works 100% of the time with smooth transition between focus in same situation.

    As light gets dimmer (I'm not even talking about complete dark, just indoor or defused single source (window at evening),) 6p fps struggles a lot, so much so, it won't even try to focus.

    I'll update the procedure for lower light situation.

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    I can agree that focusing is kind of struggling in low light, but in my case it does focus after a second or two hesitating. In video I prefer not to change focus in the film. Because every change of focus is visible and not pleasing. So I decide about the scene and lock focus and exposure. But my videos are short. Longer videos I would prefer to stitch shorter videos with locked focus into one longer.

    The best focusing app for video is Filmic Pro. But it doesn't shoot 60 FPS on Rog 2.

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