Charging Port Abnormalmalities reminder of Rog Phone 2.

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HI, while using suddenly phone got blank and red light started blinking a d notification appeared that charging port abnormalities. Then I clicked and me said "Temperature at the USB connector is too high. Please unplug the charger quickly." But i wasn't even charging and charge left was 74 percent. Then I restart and seems ok now, but can you help about the issue.

Tencent Edition.


  • My Rog Phone 2 encountered same issue this morning, is hyper charge cable cause this problem?

    I start charge my phone just before sleep and left my phone on charging around 4 hour before unplugged the charge cable.

  • I have the same issue. Is there a solution for this?

  • I'm guessing it was quite hot when you charged?

  • My phone also have the same issue.

    Initially it showed me that charging port temp abnormal and after that the speed of the phone charging from that port is 1% in 5min.

    Is there any solution?

  • Today I also encountered the same issue... I hadn't connected any charging cable to my device... And also the port was at normal temperature... Pl help me by explaining this issue and pl provide any solution for this issue...

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  • When you see this message it meant that it's highly likely that you have a hardware issue. If it has only appeared once, then maybe your device is ok but it you see it again then you need to contact your local ASUS service center

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