[Feature Request] Specific Bitrate option in Screen Recorder quality settings

Please consider to have specific bitrate options, besides the existing ones (Low, Medium, High) in Screen Recorder quality settings.

Sometimes we need to have a specific bitrate for consistent screen recording quality.

Before I use ROG Phone 2, I've been using other phones with many third-party screen recorder apps. Most of them have this bitrate options in their settings.

For example, Mobizen Screen Recorder has 0.5Mbps to 24Mbps bitrate quality setting. Screen Recorder - No Ads by Kimcy929 has 2Mbps to 40Mbps bitrate quality setting.

Even another phones have this feature too on their built-in screen recorder, ex: on Xiaomi's MIUI screen recorder.

Can we have this too on Game Genie's screen recorder?

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