Screenpad 2.0 is not working

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I had the laptop for a few months now UX434FLC

The screen and system have been working fine but some time ago my screen pad had turned off as if it had not been connected or the drivers were not working, and so i gave it a day thinking there were updates. After seeing there were no changes. i had went online to find solutions and i had found a website on asus support regarding the screenpad 2.0 issue, i followed the screenpad 2.0 troubleshoot guide thoroughly and got the necessary drivers from myasus to update it but after having to look around and download there were still no change. I had reinstall the drivers and sccreenxpert a decent amount of times and there still were no changes i run screenxpert as administrator and the screen turn on but as screenpad not 2.0 i got the update file for the 2.0 and tried to run it it ran into an error saying the update is not supported on my version of the laptop. i had email asus to get some help however i still was not able to find an answer to why this had happen. I looked at every driver possible to cause the problem and windows update too there still is no change. i had run the screenpad 2.0 optimizer and an error came up saying to ask for help from asus the following error has been given below. i really do wish this can be resolved soon.



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