Screenpad 2.0 is not working

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I had the laptop for a few months now UX434FLC

The screen and system have been working fine but some time ago my screen pad had turned off as if it had not been connected or the drivers were not working, and so i gave it a day thinking there were updates. After seeing there were no changes. i had went online to find solutions and i had found a website on asus support regarding the screenpad 2.0 issue, i followed the screenpad 2.0 troubleshoot guide thoroughly and got the necessary drivers from myasus to update it but after having to look around and download there were still no change. I had reinstall the drivers and sccreenxpert a decent amount of times and there still were no changes i run screenxpert as administrator and the screen turn on but as screenpad not 2.0 i got the update file for the 2.0 and tried to run it it ran into an error saying the update is not supported on my version of the laptop. i had email asus to get some help however i still was not able to find an answer to why this had happen. I looked at every driver possible to cause the problem and windows update too there still is no change. i had run the screenpad 2.0 optimizer and an error came up saying to ask for help from asus the following error has been given below. i really do wish this can be resolved soon.



  • Hello H4V3F4N,

    Were you following the FAQ below?

    The drivers and Apps need to be install one by one, following the order in the FAQ, may you double confirm

    and try it again?

    Thank you.

  • I followed the following FAQ done it for more than 2 hours repeating the download and uninstall process. I have double, triple checked the driver they are all the necessary drivers as shown below

  • Hello H4V3F4N,

    Well...then how is it now?

    Have you encountered any other error message during the process? which step exactly?

    does the screenpad work under normal touchpad mode?

    Thank you.

  • EstebanEsteban Level 1


    I just got my 14 UX434FAC and have the same issue.

    The strange thing is, that I have setup myself and my family members with separte accounts and only with one of them, screenpad does not work.

    Drivers are all up to date...

    I am still on time to return the pc and buy something else...

    Can you help?

  • Hello @Esteban ,

    Sorry I'm a bit confused.

    You mena you have maybe 2 or 3 user account on the same device,

    and on;y under 1 account, the screenpad does not work?

    Is there any specific setting different from other accounts for that account?

    And Screenpad does not work means not working in any mode ? (Screenpad mode, touchpad mode)

    Does the screenpad lights up?

    Thank you.

  • reakt0rreakt0r Level 1

    Have same issue with Zenbook pro 14 ux480fd. Installed windows 10 to Pro instead of Home and cannot install Screenpad 2.0

    Is it possible to download proper windows version iso for installation?

    Otherwise considering return notebook and never use Asus products again

  • Hello @reakt0r ,

    UX480FD is having Screenpad 1.0, you may upgrade it to 2.0 with the upgrade tool.

    If you have installed your own OS instead of the original factory OS, the upgrade can not be conducted.

    Please be aware that this upgrade can not be reverted.

    Please refer to below FAQ

    Thank you.

  • Help I'm having the same issue. I have reinstalled as per the support recommendations but screenpad 2.0 is not working. I'm very disappointed. Did anyone figure this out?

  • Hello @michellet176 ,

    Which model do you have?

    Thank you.

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    I've been scouring the internet for a similar problem and replying to sub. The Zephyrus Duo 15 I just bought appears that ScreenXpert 2.0 application items do not respond to touch, only mouse interaction aside from the launcher button. This may be in response to the recent 2004 Windows 10 update, but it is clearly related to the drivers or APP itself. I can go in uninstall the drivers for ScreenXpert, then reinstall and it may work until the notebook is rebooted. I'm not surprised I've been purchasing ASUS products for a long time, but their software has always been questionable. Hopefully, you guys are hard working on an APP and driver so my brand spanking new laptop's keystone software works properly.

  • It appears if you designate any monitor other than the laptop's display as primary it screws it up. Confirmed and repeatable, please fix this...

  • Hello @transnone13 ,

    Sorry I'm a bit confused.

    Your device is equipped with Screenpad plus initially, so no need to proceed any upgrade.

    May I know if your screenpad plus issue occur after you update to Windows 2004?

    May you provide some screenshot or video of the issue?

    Please refer to below FAQ for the driver installation as well.

    Thank you.

  • Blake I've followed the instructions to a T. I'm not sure how you would like me to post the video, but I'll grab one and post it on Vimeo with a link--standby.

  • transnone13transnone13 Level 1
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    I honestly don't recall if it happened before the update or not. Vimeo video, remove spaces due to url filter:

    https:// vimeo .com /440702550/bbe9bb3757

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    Hello @transnone13 ,

    May you provide screenshot of the Display setting,

    when monitor 1 is the main and when monitor 3 is the main?

    I would like to check one by one.

    If you would like to rollback to 1909 and give it a try, would be great.

    Thank you so much.

  • I use this laptop for my grad school daily, so I am not inclined to rollback windows and risk having to deal with issues that might arise from that. Here are the screen captures as requested.

  • Hello @transnone13 ,

    Thank you so much.

    Let me test more and consult more from our technical support on it.

  • On that, you probably need to sign into the Windows Store and download the "ScreenXpert" app on each account. That's how it was for me. The non-Windows Store applications should only have to be ran from one account.

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