Feature Suggestion

MayendraMayendra Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Since this got flagship chipset and good camera. i have some suggestion for zenfone 6. Some features that already exist on others device.

  • Freeform Windows (Android Q).
  • Bubbles chat when clicked then open medium size chat freeform windows.
  • Seamless transition between main and ultra wide lens, or at least shorten the transition between.
  • Smoother zoom.
  • Pro Video Recording on stock camera (yea i know there is open camera, filmora, etc. but the result isn't stable since this phone is lack of OIS, i prefer video mode on stock camera because the EIS so Excellent)
  • Seamless change between front camera and rear camera when taking video without have to stop recording.
  • Accent Color
  • Improve night mode? ( I am currently using Gcam Night Sight since night mode on stock camera suck in my opinion, sorry)

I'll be waiting for next Zenfone 7, I hope it'll be more mature than Zenfone 6.



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