How to search for drivers, manuals and product specifications on the ASUS Support Site ?

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The steps below will demonstrate how to search for product and spec information from the Download Center link:


1. Key-in the model name of the product that you are searching for in the red section as shown below. Any related models will appear in the drop-down square

To check the model name of Notebook/All-in-One/Desktop product, please refer to How can I find the correct model name for my Notebook and PC ?

To check the model name of Phone product, please refer to How to check and distinguish the model name of phone?

To check the model name of Pad product, please refer to How to know the model of Tablet?

2-1. If you key-in part of a product model  (e.g. GL502), all related models will show in the list. Use the Up & Down arrow button to choose the model, then press Enter.



2-2. Quick access to the product page that you want to check (appears at the right).

       Support :  1. Driver & Utility : Download driver, firmware and other related tools. 

                         2. FAQ : Troubleshooting for product operation, etc.

                         3. Manual & Document : User manual download

                         4. Warranty : Warranty instruction

        Related reference: How to download and update the driver



Note :  If you cannot find the product model, please contact ASUS Product Support  


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