[ZenUI Tutorial] Get the exclusive look you want in 4 easy steps with Theme DIY!

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Want to make your mobile phone uniquely yours? Follow our 4 simple steps to create your personalized theme packs using ZenUI Themes’ new Theme DIY feature!





Step 1: Turn on Theme DIY

Launch ZenUI Themes, tap  to open up Theme DIY, then tap Select a wallpaper.

Step 2: Select your favorite wallpaper
Choose from our hundreds of online wallpapers or use your favorite photos from Gallery as your wallpaper.


Let the system auto-generate matching color palettes and icons so you can mix and match!


Step 3: Personalize the details to your liking
Customize the lock screen, home screen, keyboard, and quick settings screen the way you want them to be. Just swipe left or right to switch between screens and start editing.

Lock screen
Adjust the weather widget's color for a legible, vivid display.

Home screen
Select a shape from the icon shape options to make your home screen livelier.


Keyboard and Quick settings
Theme DIY generates 3 recommended colors based on its smart analysis of the wallpaper's dominant colors. You can select a color from these recommendations, or customize your own from the color picker!

Note: Under Quick settings, the main color is applied to setting icons in rows 2-4 and the secondary color is applied to setting icons in row 1.

Step 4: Save and apply your theme
After you're done with your theme customization, tap Save, give it a name, then tap OK to save and apply your DIY theme.


Your DIY themes are stored in Me > My Creations, so you can browse or change your themes fast and easy.


Update ZenUI Themes now, DIY your own stylish themes to make your phone exclusively yours!



  1. If you can’t find ZenUI Themes in your device, check if your mobile device is supported in this list.
  2. Theme DIY is currently available on all ZenFone 3 models. Please stay tuned for upcoming releases on other ZenFone models.
  3. If you don’t see Theme DIY in your ZenFone 3, update ZenUI Themes to its latest version (v in Google Play.


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