Pubg frame drops

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Even after updating to the latest security patch the game is lagging a lot while taking close range fights and the temperature is going to 45°c while turning X mode on.can anyone share the Armoury crate settings for lag free?


  • I dnt think there is any issue with pubg for now , after the latest update i.e .32. Try out settings like - ultimate on (Xmode) 2.96 CPU and normal temp. Also if the problem still exists then try resetting your network settings as they sometimes ruin the game it's not always the phone . If its still there , swtich the refresh rate (from armory crate settings) to 120hz and temp on high , try it for sometime then again you can shift to 90 or 60 whatever you prefer and set temp to normal again. Boom you are good to go , aslo if you want to play at 120hz then temp settings will go same after sometime shift it to normal tho. Thankyou

  • I had faced similar issue, but here is the fix, no matter what settings you put for x mode and refresh rate, Just keep TEMPERATURE CONTROL : HIGH, boom isssue solved! I'll share my screenshot. (Sidenote: you don't really require xmode for pubg, its never gonna go above 60fps, and yet normal x mode off gives 60fps constantly, with considerably less heating)

  • Hey nekkalapudisai.krishna2015,

    I hope the above guide has sorted the issue. Let me know if any.


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