UX480FD Screenpad lost Apps

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  1. System: all up to date, preinstalled W10 64
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: UX480D (BIOS UX450FXD.313)
  4. Frequency of occurrence: always
  5. Reset OS: can´t do that because of data
  6. Screenshot or video: -


Detailed description:

I´ve been previously in touch with blake_ASUS. I wanted to pin more Apps to the Screenpad and I didn´t get the Action bar. So I wanted to delte everything and reinstall, my bad, now I´m without Apps on Screenpad at all. It´s V2, I have all the drivers from here installed - (can´t paste links, good one Asus)

Raja please don´t comment.

Can you, please, provide us a script for complete unisntall and reinstall V2 Screenpad after BIOS update to most recent version? powerShell would be awesome.

I´ve created a new discussion because thanks to new design I can´t get to my old messages, good one Asus!



  • Hello Michal,

    If you would like to pin an app on Screenpad 2.0, please refer to 5.APP Navigator Icon in below introduction

    If you would like to reinstall everything for screenpad 2.0, please refer to below FAQ

    Thank you.

  • Thanks blake, that did the trick!

    However I used to have a floating icon over windows on main screen to pin the App with the "action bar". Not sure if this is exact name but when I was moving the window I could´ve pin the window to Screenpad. Is this option gone? It would be awesome to have this functionality.

    Also I don´t have any settings like Screenpad resolution or 3-fingers gesture at all.


  • Hello Michal,

    I'm not sure about the action bar, do you mean this?

    "Drag the window on the home screen"

    and in your setting ,there is no Screenpad resolution & Three-finger tap gesture?

    May I have a picture of this issue and the version of your ScreenXpert app?

    Thank you.

  • Hey blake,

    yes, I mean Drag the window on the home screen. The AppSwitcher nad Add to Screenpad buttons.

    I found ScreenXpert link in other thread and it finally opened Windows Store so I could download it and icons are back! So let´s say we´re back to working state for 90%.

    I have however when I try to open it, nothing happens.

    Here´s what I see in Settings, just one item is under Learn more, it´s Quick guide


  • Hello Michal,

    Just double confirming, I saw "Three-finger tap gesture" in the picture, so... this one should be fine right?

    And about "Screenpad Resolution" do you remember if you have ever have this option? or since you upgrade, it never show?

    Thank you so much!

  • hey blake,

    the three-finger tap gesture works automatically :)

    I´ve never had that setting, I was wondering this was added by v2.


  • Hello Michal,

    I double check with our technical support,

    Screenpad Resolution setting is for original 2.0.

    The screenpad panel is different, so 1.0 can not adjust this.

    I'm sorry to confuse you.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks Blake, noted :)

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