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hi, does anyone having same issues like me? so i am having bad experience when video calling bcs of the camera quality is so bad and it looks like having beautification on the camera. please asus fix this issues on next update. lemme know if ur having the same issues like me.


  • Hi dika021200,

    Please tell us your ZenFone model and firmware version. (Settings > System > About Phone > Software information)

    Which app/version are you using to video call? Does the problem appear on different apps?

    Thank you 🙂

  • i use asus zenfone 5 with the lastest update software. and i use line app and whatsapp video call, i mean it appear on ever app that has video call feature

  • If same line appears on ur stock front or back camera than try below steps

    1) Reset camera settings of stock cam

    2) Try clearing cache and storage from app& notifications option in settings for ur camera

    3) check ur camera in safe mode if it behaves same

    How to entre safe mode:- press switch off or on button on right which is used to lock the phone for few seconds>hold tap on switch off option on ur screen for few seconds >will ask u to restart in safe mode>u will entre safe mode

    By following all above steps if still ur issue doesn't get resolved try factory data reset by taking all ur data backup

    Even after factory data reset doesn't help than it is hardware issue which will be fixed in service centre

    Take ur device to service centre for further checkups and fixes

    Thank you😊

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