[Phone] How to test your device by using "Device Care"?

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※Information in this FAQ might not be applied to all series of phone/pad products. Part of options/screenshots or operation procedures may vary from different versions of software.


Users can do device health check directly on the phone to find out if any hardware issue and then fix it. 

Not only "Device Care", but also "Assistance" and "ASUS apps FAQs" can help users if they have any issue on the phone.


1. Please follow the steps below to access the function settings:

Android 7:"Settings" > "ASUS Support" > "ZenUI Help" > "Device Care"

Android 8:"Settings" > "Support" > "ZenUI Help" > "Device Care"

Android 9:"Settings" > "Support" > "FAQ" > "Device Care"

2. Tap a function test from the list to test your device

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