Bug i noticed after upgrading to 0.75

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  1. Model Name:ZB631KL
  2. Firmware Version:0.75
  3. Rooted or not:no
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
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While charging my device , the led light started blinking red and green rapidly and the screen showed Charging and charged simultaneously.

I don't know if this is the problem of cable or firmware Bug but I'm pretty sure this might be the firmware bug.

if someone has also observed the same please report.


  • This problem is already well reported and spotted more than one year ago during March-April 2019. Many other users too reported the same and I had one to one follow up with certain moderator @Blake_ASUS and was forwarding him system log files so that he could take up the same with the dev team but he later stopped responding and surprisingly no other moderators acknowledged this issue.

    This issue happens only during summer time and during charging, if your phone heats up beyond 43°c then at the 69% or 73% or at 76%, the charging starts behaving that way that the charging light starts toggling green and red. Asus won't recognise it and they won't fix it.

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    That is a very old bug found exactly one year ago during March-April 2019. This was a well-reported issue to Asus which they never acknowledged neither they tried to fix it. I personally had an one to one conversation with certain moderator that time named bit_ASUS and provided him all the system log files to support the issue so that he could forward the same to the dev team but for a mysterious reason, he left the one to one DM session without any confirmation.

    The said issue which you mentioned above, that issue starts happening particularly in Summer time when environment becomes hot and if you charge your phone during day time and the phone temperature during charging goes beyond 43°C, then the charging light starts behaving abnormally and the notification light starts toggling green and red at different % stage eg at 69% or 73% or 77%. The only solution to fix this issue is to charge your phone by switching it off if you are charging the phone during day time.

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    Exactly , I've observed, this happened between 70-77%.

    Thank you for the information @Sanju .

    I thought this bug occurred after upgrading to 0.75.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Most welcome.

    You would see this annoying bug on every day time when its hot outside. Try to charge your phone after evening or if you need to charge the phone during day time then just try to turn the back side of the phone up and if you still see that issue, just turn off your phone and it would complete your charge to 100%. Thats the only fix available for this bug.

  • I faced few days ago.. and after reading this I remember I faced this In last summer.. my suggestion is better remove ur Back case and charge if the same problem exists charge it at the night..

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