OTG not working on zenfone 5z

neetish.77neetish.77 Level 1
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Recently my zenfone 5z stopped detecting pendrive via OTG cable....I don't know what is the reason...It may be the recent update.... because After this update this problem started....There is no problem with my Pendrive or OTG connector because it is working fine on other phone...I have tested on 3 other phone ....

So please check your mobile and let me know if you are facing the same issue...Please...


  • oskaritoendooskaritoendo Level 1
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    Hi! I found out today that my 5z isn't recognizing my otg flashdrive either. Has anyone been able to find a solution or workaround? I think an update must be realized asap to patch this.

  • Works great on my 5Z with latest FW so it's more likely that your OTG cables are defective or that you need to factory reset your devices

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