Zenbook pro duo action menu not working

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In my Zenbook Pro Duo the screepad plus action menu option which is not working at all. i have tried everything i could , even the SCreenXpert app, which did not make any difference. in the given screenshot, is what i'm talking about. if anybody could help me with this because i've become used to it and it's a pretty expensive laptop so after spending so much i definitely do not want to face such issues. Asus , kindly look into this asap.

Any help appreciated, thank you.


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    Be aware their so called flagship Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581…some of the units have fatal flaw in which the brand new 2.5k laptop will take more than 9 minutes to boot the power button and the pad will blink for a second and than goes blank. It constantly does that for full 9 minutes.

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