Zb555kl android 10 bug

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There. Is so many bug in zb555kl android 10

1. To much battery drain problem

2 . When in call there is continually background vibrating

3. Automatic pause the app and force stop


  • Hi deepuroy626,

    1. Do you find battery drain while using the phone or in sleep mode?
    2. By background vibrating do you mean background noise during call? Do it hear you on your side or others hear it from their side? Are you using the preloaded calling app or third party apps?
    3. Please tell us which app/version pauses and force stops. Please tell us during what kind of actions the app has this problem.

    Thank you 🙂

  • deepuroy626deepuroy626 Level 1
    edited April 2020

    1.Yes when I use my phone then i find battery drain to much and in sleep mode also

    2. By during call it vibrates with my side (my phone will vibrating ) in 20 sec and every 1:35 sec it continuously No I use preload Google phone app for calling

    3 . There is no such a fix app with close and force stop mostly I. Used WhatsApp , YouTube , Instagram , Gmail I got force stop automatically closed

    4 . There is one more bug that camera brightness is too high can't be control

    This is bug and plz fix this

    Thank you ☺️

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