[PUBG] Gaming performance DROP when charger is connected after 18 Apr Update

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Bug related to gaming: while playing pubg, if I'm connected to adapter there almost 20-50% variable frame to drop, to the point where everything is jittery or stuttery. Motion is specifically very stuttery. And as soon as i remove the charger instantly game starts running at 60fps.

Even when you open notification shade from game all ui elements seem like refreshing at way lower than 60fps . Its like 30-35fps. And again as soon as i remove charger it gets back to 60fps(set for pubg).

Clear indication of bad thermal management.

Attaching videos: 1) in game settings 2) notification shade ui while playing game

(Its bit hard to notice due video encoding)

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  • In Armoury Crate it's important that you set your PUGB scenario profile to the following

    Display: 60Hz

    Temperature Control: HIGH

    with these settings you should be able to charge and keep stable 60fps as long as you don't game in a very hot environment

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