Hey guys just some questions to the people who experienced motherboard malfunction.

psn123psn123 Level 1
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How did it happen?Did it occur randomly or did the phone showed some signs?

How much time it took you to get it repaired?

NB:No issues with my phone so far.Just got paranoid seeing some experiences told here.


  • MonarkMonark Level 3

    No need to worry if your phone does not randomly restart(boot loop) after one month of usage. It will restart even when the phone is not hot and you are not playing any games.

    How much time it depends upon the service center. for me ot took one month to get repaired.

    After that now it's working without any flaw for seven months.

    It's a bit of headache but the device is top notch🤗

  • psn123psn123 Level 1

    Thanks for the reply.In one case I heard the case came up after 7 months of purchase.Actually that's what made me worried and hence making thr post

    When did you purchase the device?

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