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Hello everybody, my Asus Max M1 (ZB555KL) was upgraded to Android 10 beta, then I want tô relate some bugs that have shown

1) Google search bar locked in home with no possibility to drag to trash

2) Sometimes microphone turn's off while recording audios on whatsapp

3) Smartphone heating while recharging

4) Media volume got too low after uptade

I wish I could know when we gonna have another update to correct these bugs and make this discussion to you guys share your experience with Android 10


  • Same issue

    But there is another one issue

    When you on call there is background vibration frequently

    2. Battery drain issue

    Fix that bug

  • Hi jorge140296,

    1. This has been confirmed to be an Android 10 behavior. Users would not have to worry. If this behavior affects your normal use, we suggest that you downgrade to Android 9. You may find the downgrade method here:
    2. Does the microphone problem appear on other apps? What's your WhatsApp version?
    3. Were you using the phone while charging? We suggest that you make sure not to use the phone during charging and check again.
    4. Please tell us which apps have this problem? What's your volume level?

    Thank you 🙂

  • Hello, here my answers:

    1. That's something I could live with, I do wanna help to improve the development

    2. No, only there, I don't have telegram ir some similar to test. When that happens, I always have to reboot phone to correct, my version is 2.20.123, last update from my country (Brazil)

    3. No, the phone heats without usage

    4. Everytime that I wanna play something with external audio

  • New bug founded on camera:

    5. A yellow/green "filter" being applied when camera is working. May this is happening due an illumination correction.

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    I have same problem with speaker and earphone volume . After update it has gotten bad. There is no bass in songs through both earphone and speaker.

    Is there any fix for that?

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