When Doing Stream Game Is Toomuch Laggy - Free Fire - Updated New Version Still Lagg Toomuch [HELP]

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After Android 10 Free fire game is laggy in rog 2... I updated new patch of android 10 but still laggy... Main i can't even do stream in phone because of lagg... Toomuch toomuch lagg when doing stream... I think game genie issue... I feel like i am playing in 2gb ram phone when doing stream... Please help me moderator... I buyed this phone because of to do stream without lagg... But now iam tottally fedup....


  • In Armoury Crate -> Console -> Game Genie manage my games, try removing free fire and start the game again to see if this fixes your issue. You will know that game genie is no longer active by trying to swipe out the game genie panel from the left side

    You're welcome to screen record your issue and share it here

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