Issues with ROG Phone 2 [Post Android 10 update]

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Most of us have been facing issues with the android 10 version of the ps for the ROG phone 2. I've been using this phone for about 3 months now and initially the phone was a beast but post the update I've noticed alot bugs and app crashes.

Here are some of the issues I'm currently facing

1) Battery drain :

Earlier my phone at 100% charge would last me almost 2 days on normal usage and basic gaming.

Now my phone doesn't even last one day. I've made sure to check if there are any apps running in the background that are consuming battery buy there are none.

2) Connectivity :

The wifi keeps connecting and disconnecting repeatedly. This issue wasn't there before the update. Also it takes forever to connect to a new network.

3) Display : (@60/90/120hz)

I've never seen this issue earlier but certain applications glitch and leave colored pixels on the edges or in places. Once I kill the apps the glitch pixels are gone.

Sometimes apps like youtube /Facebook etc while playing a video freeze and when I kill the app the audio is still playing and I have to restart the phone to get rid of it.

The animation of the fingerprint sensor gets laggy too.

4) Charging : Though it takes about 2 hra to fully charge my phone. I could use my phone normally while it charging (play/text/ stream/etc) but post the update it has become as good as a brick while charging. I cannot use the phone as everything lags. Apps take a long time to open. Also switching between apps while my phone is charging crashes them.

5) App Crashes : 80% of my apps crash multiple times through the day. This includes basic apps like whatsapp/Facebook/ youtube/ 9gag/ reddit/ banking apps/ gpay etc. And it gets real frustrating at times.

When I use the app switcher button the bottom navigation bar, it kills my live wallpaper and all I see is a blackscreen. I have to manually go to the wallpapers setting and apply it again. And this happen atleast twice a day.

6) Overall : Post the update many new bugs have been surfacing including media playback bugs / overheating / UI glitches etc.

Let me know if there are others who are facing the same issues.


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