Request to team Asus

edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

First of all , i d like to thank whole Asus community to bring such as an awesome device like Rog 2 which meet the day to day requirements of all types of users but there are certain thing which i guess your team has completely unseen or might have not taken notice are :-

1) Botton usb port ( As going through various Rog 2 discussion groups in reddit , facebook ) - The bottom usb port issue is widespread for many users where device doesn't hyper charge with 30W cable nor even fast charge for many , well i understand type c usb cable has 24 very small wires like which can get easily damaged if not properly used or vice versa, but as a gaming device usb port has to be good one which stands good all time as much as possible.

2.) Red tint issue - Even though this is not an issue and almost every amoled device has it but this is still bothering , amoleds are known for their best colour production and for that a change in colour on low brightness shouldn't be there.

3.) Battery - Here i know battery BB is user specific and also the ambient temperature + the battery modes we use completely affects the bb we get , but you see for a normal usage no one actually do looks into these small details and even you don't except our 6000 mah on A10 isn't providing the same bb like on initial pie builds.

So , with these i just wanna say pls keep in mind that for many users getting a device of this price is very hard , i know that Asus team has always served its customers to best but there is something called brand value thats Asus has pls don't let to fall anymore


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