Zenbook UX305CA-FC051T Random freeze

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Hi everyone,

I have an asus laptop : Zenbook UX305CA-FC051T (Windows 10).

He works very well for me many years but since few months, i have two majors issues.

*The first one : my laptop have random freeze, i can't even move my mouse, i need to hard reset the computer.

I tried many thing :

- update all the drivers

- update the bios

- update ssd firmware

- and finally i reinstall a fresh new windows 10

But still i have random freeze.

*The second one (which may be link to the first ?) :

My battery status is always shown as "plugged in", even if I unplugged the computer.

If you have any advice to help, it will be welcome !

Thx a lot,



  • i suspected some applications and unwanted services are started together with OS , so i would recommend you disable all services except microsoft services under system configuration tool.

    also disable all startup items under task manager .

    delete of disable scheduled tasks

  • OK, i will try that.

    But since I reinstall windows 10 recently, there is not many applications.

    I will came back to u once it's done.


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