Zenfone 3 wifi problems

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This is a message for everyone here, i've had this zenfone 3 for years because i treat my devices with care, Asus doesn't though and contrary to what they promised in 2018 they never solved this phone's wifi connection problems, luckily i have a phone and tablet (definetely not Asus products) for home usage.

So with this message i just want everyone to know there is still people out here who would have really appreciated an update to solve this problem and also that Asus doesn't care and will wait for you to buy a new phone instead.

Never again.


  • kikolykikoly Level 5

    I don't understand what is the ZenFone 3 wifi connection problem you are referring to? As of today, my ZenFone 3 is still in normal operation (including wifi).

  • Many Zenfone 3 users reported often having trouble when some wifi is being used: frequent disconnect/reconnect and also data flowing intermittently even while "connected" to wifi. Back in 2018 this problem was recognized by ASUS as being an actual issue that they would have solved with future updates.

    As i'm typing this from my Zenfone 3 i can tell they didn't solve this problem.

    It's really sad because it's otherwise a great device and for a moderate price, the fact that i'm still using it speaks for itself, never changed a part in it and never required any maintenance and i can still play quite heavy games on this.

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