Valve Index VR won't connect to Zenbook Pro Duo UX581GV-XB94T



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    Xaryi, unfortunately you need to speak techspeak, which needs a little translation, so here goes.

    Blake has reported it to the proper department (as he should, so tick)

    The proper department considered the report (so tick again), but don't have an answer (another tick).

    They asked if an answer was promised, which came back, oh Christ no, and the reply was well, we're in the clear then (tick jackpot).

    But rest assured, a fix is incoming, almost guaranteed.

    In about another years time, there'll be a lot more laptops and headsets with this problem.

    So coming 'soon™' aka 'whenitsready™', probably late 2023-2026, the HDMI will be phased out for a displayport as standard on all new laptops.

    By which time of course, headsets will require displayport2 interfaces, and we'll start all over again.

    Xaryi and Timson, VR ready in this case explicitly means that this laptop was tested rigourously with an Oculus Rift CV1, and it more than excelled at that task, never droppping below maximun fps on any, any of the titles tested.

    As it does work with VR, they have no need, nor requirement to change their advertising messages, now or in the future (mega tick jackpot).

    I would see myself out, but I've a feeling somebody will actually do this for me. o7

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    I tried the cablematters adaptator on another much older tb3 equipped laptop, it directly worked without asking anything.

    This is sad, very sad. It feels like they just stiched 2 screen together without any real engineering knowledge, how can you fail this hard on making something ?

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    Ok people, you can stop buying adapters that don't work now.

    I asked the question officially, which on reflection probably should of been what I should of done first, not last.

    Anyway today I have my reply, and I don't think it leaves any wiggle room.

    Here it is:

    "The USB - C is connected to the PCH, as it is USB/controller based, so if the HMD required direct connection to the GPU, it would not via this port unfortunately."

    So the only way you'll be able to use this laptop is via an e-gpu, it's not a great option, but nevertheless it is An option.

    I've added a picture from the wiki, I'm not saying this is the one inside the laptop, but if it's similar then it would seem conclusive.

    Deck o7

  • This is by far the worst comment I have ever seen from tech support on an issue, and you and your whole team should be ashamed of yourselves for even thinking about writing it, and you should feel even worse for letting this issue drag on for over three months without providing a substantive response. ASUS is about to lose its good standing with me. I have tried multiple laptops (both Pro Duos), I have tried multiple adapters, I have tried all the ports and configurations I can think of. "Kindly change the adapter" is your response? As if you even knew which adapter the customer had or even deigned to provide known adapters it worked with? Seriously, was this a belated April Fool's joke?

    Regarding my own troubleshooting, I thought at first it was only because I couldn't get my first machine to upgrade to Windows 1909. Yet here I am with my second laptop and was able to update just fine, but I still can't get this $3K+ VR-incompatible lie - and I call it a lie because the company clearly stated, multiple times and in multiple ways, that this was a VR-ready laptop with top tier specs.

    Either address this issue with full transparency and humility or I will stop buying ASUS for the foreseeable future.

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    Wish I had of seen this thread before spending £3k on a laptop that says its VR capable. Even the store I purchased this laptop from say its crazy that the TB3 is only connected to the basic graphic card. I'd like to know which VR headset they tested this laptop with. Clearly not the Oculus rift s. I am now waiting for ASUS technical to call me, don't think i have any chance of returning this laptop for a full refund as it is clearly not fit for purpose. The only reason I purchased it was because of the VR and it was light to take with me while visiting clients. Does anyone know which VR headset works with this laptop. VERY DISAPPOINTED

  • I can't say (nor am I going to list the possibilities), but as the HDMI port IS wired to the graphics card, any of the headsets that use it should, I stress should be compatible.

    I think the early oculus and the HTC Vive used the HDMI, but I own neither, so I could easily be wrong.

    ASUS should, at the very least, publish a list of headsets that ARE compatible imho.

    If you want something more official (though I highly doubt this is the place for it), you should at (@) one of the moderators, or email tech support as I did.

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