Hey , what does this "fair" means in my battery care option ?

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  • So it means that my battery is degraded ?

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    Use 3rd party battery apps to check. Play store is full of those. But I don't think you did something "serious" to damage it. This is more like a warning that you should pay attention to your charging habits.

    In accubattery app you can set the warning beep at a given percentage of battery charge. So you can never overstress the battery.

  • Battery care shows you how you charge your phone.

    The above scenario shows you might be keeping the phone plugged in even after the battery has reached 100%.

    You can use schedule charging mentioned in the screenshot, Using time schedule the battery will accordingly charge & a you can use it for overnight charging.

    It is for those who don't keep a track on charging patterns & you should always keep a tab when battery reaches 100%.

  • It means you don't charge properly your phone!

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