Why did my laptop missing driver system controller v2 and any bios update available?

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Model: Asus vivobook 15 x505za


Detailed description:

Hi , I want to Myasus app functiounaly but I checked my laptop doesnot have driver system controller v2 .

this laptop purchase in previous year why this laptop doesnot have these types of update fuctionality.

Can you provide these update in bios ?

provide option of vram 2gb in igpu as hardware reserved option in bios mode

please provide functionality more in laptop


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    Hello b.bhandari1998,

    I'm sorry that there is hardware limitation for your device.....

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I will reported your opinion to related department.

  • Hello Blak Asus . I don't get all features in my asus application. I can see only registered products.

    I am using R542UQ-DM153.

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    Hello Raju,

    Please refer to below FAQ.


    Thank you.

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    Hello Blake Asus,

    Thanks for replying , my laptop does not come with windows10, i installed windows 10 manually , but in asus system control interface V1 models list, my laptop model does not covered,

  • Hello Raju,

    Yes....it is related to your hardware...

    later models are covered...

  • Hello black asus .

    my laptop is released in August 2017. And I bought this laptop in January 2018,

    Laptop hardware is intel core i5 7200u with nvidia GeForce 940MX with bios X542UQ..

  • Hello Raju,

    Later model are covered.....

    I'm sorry that it is different from your expectation.

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    Hello Blake asus.

    Thanks for the help. I take this application has challenge and I try to make some features must should work other than the customer support.

    After completing this research project I reply to you.

  • I have succeeded 50 percentage .now my asus app enabled with hardware diagnostics options.

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