Phone getting too hot when playing any game after the A10 update!

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While playing simple games like Brawl stars , the device gets to temperatures of 44+ (120Hz, without plugged in). This can't be normal and definitely the game shouldn't be blamed for this. We all know how COD mobile is almost unplayable now, most probably due to the game's internal issues but we cant change the fact that the device is getting super hot even with normal usage of the phone. I have taken a good break from that game till they fix it.

I know there have been many issues with A10 that are being discussed in the forum already. Its surprising that ASUS rolled out an update that has almost ruined the experience for their topmost consumer i.e. the gamer! I had a Xiaomi device before this and I upgraded to an ROG for superior performance but now I am almost missing my old phone because its updates and UI were very stable and convenient. I request you guys to please look into these issues and listen to your users otherwise the ROG series will not be able to hold its spot in the market.

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  • What's your ambient temperature?

  • I don't find it that strange that your phone gets hot if your ambient temperature is 37 degrees. Plus, just because the game looks simple doesn't mean that it's not demanding. I just downloaded it and without X Mode, it struggles around 110-118 FPS which means that you're using the phones full performance. If you have your screen fairly bright on top of this, then it will ad heat too.

    You can try and play around with our hardcore tuning to see if you can underclock the CPU without losing too much performance. This will result in lower temperatures and longer battery life.

  • The point here is not just getting hot, it is getting extra hot after the A10 update. If you think this temperature is normal then maybe other device manufacturers have much better cooling without even having anything like an aeroactive cooling system. If this is a global issue with A10 (because I don't know much about other devices right now), then I am sorry for complaining.

    This phone had some minor issues earlier too but the A10 update has made matters worse. The only solution that I can think of is downgrading to A9. For that I want to ask you that if I create a local or a google backup and restore after the downgrade, what all files/settings will I lose? Because I know it is not a 100% complete backup.

  • Has it maybe gotten hotter where you live in the last two months? To my knowledge, it's not supposed to be hotter with A10 but maybe we haven't noticed because everyone at ASUS use our device in a much colder environment.

    If you backup to google, then it will save things that can be tied to google services, call logs, not sure about sms (probably not), pictures and your video but not downloaded movies or music. Not personal files. I recommend you move all those to a pc before you downgrade.

  • Don't trust in game genie temperature it keeps showing 37-38 . Use the infrared thermometer it shows 48 degrees after playing 1 hr of game . That also check at the left airflow vent side it's shows perfect temp .

  • Hey there is a new update:

    I have personally tested & can tell you that thermal has improved considering summers in India.

  • I hope this works. We needed this very badly. Thanks for sharing.

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