ROG Phone 2 doesn't work with ROG XG17 monitor

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I got my XG17 few days ago, from the manual it says

USB Type-C port • Used to connect to a valid source such as Notebook/PC/Mobile phone that supports USB Type C DP Alt Mode; signal input supports maximum to resolution 1920 x 1080 @240Hz.

I tried to connect my phone to XG17 with type c to type c cable, but no signal. It seems like ROG Phone 2 doesn't supports that Type C DP Alt Mode?

Also, I tried to use type c to hdmi adapter to connect the micro hdmi cable (which they provided in XG 17 box) to my ROG phone 2, failed too.

I've tried to turn my screen to 60Hz on my phone, still no signal on XG17. I've also tried to connect my monitor to my iPad pro with the same adapter I bought, it works well.

So is there some setting I missed?


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