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List of things ZF7 should have at least -

1 - Better camera sensors for main camera like IMX557 or IMX689 only if 8k recording is being made available at 30fps. Ultra wide should be IMX586. 3rd camera it's all upto you. OIS should be their this time.

"But do not give that 2MP or any useless (depth) sensors" like all shit Chinese companies are giving. Please it's a request.

2 - Now come on Asus give a better version of ROG 2 OLED display with some enhancements.

3 - Charging should be fast (ROG 2 grade) for at least a 5000mAh capacity.

4 - Wireless Charging "Yes" if price will be more than $650. Reverse Wireless Let us see that too.*

5 - USB 3.2 at least with HDMi out.

6 - Dual Stereo Speakers with DTS-X.

7 - ZenUI 7. Stock feel with ample amout Customisation options.

8 - Better Cooling for game freaks. Category Leading gameplay experience. And at least give FPS meter for ZenFone users in ZenUI 7. Don't keep that feature exclusive to ROG. Please.

9 - Better WiFi and Network Reception capabilities. CAT 20 for 4G at least and full 5G capabilities (if possible).

Anything new if anybody wants to add. Please add your thoughts.


*if provided that would be great.


  • WiFi 6 and AptX LL would be a great addition if possible.

  • Please keep headphone jack intact. Please

  • Zenfone 7 will any how beat other flaghips this time and again will be a flagship killer competing poco and oneplus 8 by its price point coz oneplus has no better improvement comparing 7T as cameras are not any better upgrade to go for,the only competator remains here is poco for zenfone 7 frm price as well as specs comparision 😊

  • Write an article for that too. I guess you're from PunikaWeb website I guess.

    Apology if I'm wrong.

  • Poco's biggest problem is it's UI and Name too. 😆 😁

  • Woaahhh....!! I just discovered my query has been already published on punikaweb website thankssalot for letting me know i went with that article m surprised 🙈😁 n yeah its me 😊

  • Poco was never a competator for asus after zenfone 5 n 5Z they always compared themselves with oneplus for 1 year where poco was nowhere last year but after poco's comeback i think this year asus will rethink and pricing will be in between bit higher than poco and bit cheaper than oneplus somewhere 😜

  • Least 90Hz display and OLED display...

  • Not interested in so-called "wireless charging".

    1) It isn't "wireless" - what's that thing sticking out the charging dock called?

    2) It is only practical for feeble batteries (see IPhone)

    Not bothered about OLED screen. Look around at what everyone says about them - LCD lasts longer.

    My Zenfone 6 Edition 30 is beautiful but the one thing I would love to see in the Zenfone 7 to give the complete phone is waterproofing - they did it with Zenfone 5 - please do it again! I'd even put up with some lame notch front camera if it had waterproofing. It's not about wanting to run my phone under a tap, it's just life proofing the phone.

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    Then you don't know nothing is waterproof. Ingress Protection is temporary. It doesn't last long.

    Do remember no company gives warranty for water damage.

    Ingress Protection doesn't give any guarantee and is temporary solution. So there is no point of wasting money and resource for a temporary thing.

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