What A Sad Day - Dead ROG Phone 2

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I have got my ROG phone 2 Tencent Edition for about 6 months now.

It's been an amazing phone, great display, awesome battery life.

Probably a month after I got the phone I cracked the display and had to go to a repair shop to fix it for about 200 USD. It was a sad time also but at least it was fixable. Bought the phone for around 500 USD and had to spend 200 USD on it, which is still worth it.

However this morning the phone went dead suddenly, didn't drop it at all, it was charging. I was sleeping. Then I woke up and It has no vibration, no light on the front & back, can't even turn it on by holding volume buttons and power button for a long period of time. Charged the phone overnight and still don't have any sign of turning this phone back on.

Went to the same repair shop where I fixed the screen, and they said they don't have any spare battery (even if it is a battery problem.) So they can't fix it and suggested me to go to the official repair center by ASUS. So I went there and they said this Tencent edition is from overseas so they can't fix it in Hong Kong, not even if I pay. They simply don't have same battery or spare parts in the official 12+256 version. So they can't fix it also. Now I have no idea where I can fix it.

*Fun fact - I thought the Tencent edition is from China. But when I cracked the phone screen back in November, while i was traveling in China. I went to those phone fixing market and none of the shops there can fix this phone. They have never seen this phone and don't have the spare parts.

Afterall, I think this phone is awesome, great, and fun. I game a lot on this phone. The built quality issue is simply not up to standard, but what can I say, it was only a 500USD phone. Wish I can find a way to fix it too.


  • I can understand your pain bro , its really sad when such hardware issues pop up , idk whether Rog 2 build is cheap or whatever the reason is..

    Similarly in my case my bottom port is malfunctioning where the 30W Asus charger doesn't charge at Hypercharging speed , while the side port is good as new.. I have always kept my phone in extremely great condition yet the port died or the cable idk.. Its really sadenning to see such issues

  • Hello, i wanted to ask if your phone has been fixed, this happened to me, when i sent to service repair, they checked the phone and said that it's a power IC problem, a small integrated Circuit that carries the electricity from the battery to the whole phone, i had damaged it, they said that they didn't have any part for my phone and i ordered it online, it's cheap, it costs 5$, the model for the power IC is Qualcomm PM8150B, be sure to send it to someone who knows how to work with these things and to replace it, ok?.

    I hope i helped you.

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