Sim 1 is HD capable Removed Finally

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Hello guys, hope everyone safe, stay in home.

Btw, during many days, I see people ask the question which is about 'How to remove or hide Sim 1 is HD capable' notification. Right?

Today I'm going to share some screenshorts where you can do this, without root your devices. Only few steps, which also genuine and from your phone too (official).

So, check this screenshorts and follow those steps-

  1. Click & Hold your 'Sim 1 is HD capable' notification.
  2. Click the Setting Gear icon.
  3. New popup open, where you can see the last option call- ims (make sound and pop on screen), which already enabled, you can't off this.
  4. So, click on the option ims (make sound and pop on screen)
  5. You can see some options under Importance. i.e- (a) Urgent (b) High (c) Medium (d) Low
  6. Read them all (Urgent, High, Medium, Low)
  7. The final step is- If you want to remove the notification of 'Sim 1 is HD capable' notification and the sound too, you can click the last option call- Low
  8. Done!
  9. You can see, 'Sim 1 is HD capable' notification is now removed from your home & lock screen.
  10. Thank you 🇮🇳


  • Hello. Have you see any network connection issue with Airtel or Vodafone in Asus lite l1?my hand set creat problem..when I use jio sim ...then every thing is ok...but when I use Airtel or Vodafone Sim then voice call is disturbing and calls are not connected.4g to 3g switching is an issue to connect a call...

  • No idea sir. Actually I'm using Jio in my Asus Zenfone Lite L1. But I face lots of problem with Jio because of the internet connection. Too much traffic in this lockdown periods, so but now it's quite bit ok. Not fix the issue fully, but can use the internet. I don't use Airtel or Vodafone. So can't say what's happening on your phone. You can do one thing, back up all your data and reset as factory, and then see any problem you face or not.

    Thank you.

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