ZenFone max plus m1 (x018d) videos in slow motion

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Hi, I'm having some trouble to reproduce full hd videos on my phone, they reproduce the image in slow motion and the audio stils fluid, it started recently and its not my internet, before I was able to reproduce even 1 hour long videos in 1080p60 without any slowliness. I have running right now Android 8.1.0 Oreo, already tried even factory reset but it doesn't worked. One thing I actually found really awkward is that on Netflix it runs anything without problem but on YouTube or on the Navigator there is the problem (I'm using opera, but on Chrome exists the same problem)


  • Hi hurielhcm,

    Could you tell us your current firmware version? Settings > System > Advanced > About phone > Build number

    Does this problem appear when you're viewing a 1080p60 video on YouTube, Opera, and Chrome? Please tell us the app versions.

    Could you send us the video link?

    Thank you 🙂

  • Build number says: WW_Phone-15.02.1904.453-20190509

    Yes the problem appears in any of them. App versions:

    Chrome: version 70.0.3538.110 (outdated but already tried to update)

    Opera: 57.2.2830.52651

    Youtube: 15.15.38

  • Its not only one specific video, its in any video that i play in 1080p60. In 720p60 it runs just fine

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