Asus Contact App problem synching with outlook (Dates)

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Hello, there's a problem synching contacts with my Outllook account, almost all fields do synch like names, adresses, phone numbers, notes, company, job titles, etc. but not the aniversary or birth date , as a matter of fact, i suspect it deleted all my dates on my outlook account, i first noticed when all my aniversary dates disapeard from my callendar.

i added this fake contact and it synched all data except de birth date and aniversary date

i have a ASUS_X00QD, with Android 9 version WW_16.0615.2002.120, Not Rooted, app with problem Contacts version


  • Hi ogordodesagres,

    Could you tell us the steps of syncing the contacts to Outlook?

    Did you use the Outlook app then checked the PC version of Outlook?

    Please kindly help us specify. Thank you 🙂

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