Pop confirmation for Flipping camera is bad implementations

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The lastest update .144 has that feature that ruins usability of phone as when i watch a movie or using an app it flips automatically without any pop up and stop by my hand in middle as.

This feature is not demanded by user why this is pushed by update it should be removed again

As the camera flip for video calls was better before this update.

This update asks only for first time for any app via pop to allow camera than it always flip without any warning and that is so annoying.

Why no one from asus replying me


  • It is a useful feature but it should ask everytime

    It's the most requested feature but implementation is bad

  • You are right bro

    That's the reason I complaining as it is good but not working as it should.

    So better to remove it or improve it.

    I can say it was working fine before the update I do lot of video calling.

    Before update it doesn't flip automatically 9 out of 10 times when a video call came

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    I've noticed now that if your phone is locked, then you get the pop up asking if you want to flip the camera. But if the app is in the background, then it doesn't ask.

    I will tell our devs to fix this ASAP. Thanks for letting us know.

  • It also happens when

    1st. While we are watching a video content and none of the video calling app in background.

    2nd. When a video call app running in background and phone is lock.

    I think you will also provide this information to developers.

    Thnks for forwarding issues👍

  • We've really tried to find a solution for the current DUO behaviour but so far we can't think of any solution that won't create issues in other apps. We have been able to find smart workarounds for most IM apps that call the camera automatically but the way DUO handles the camera makes it very difficult.

    Maybe DUO will change their behaviour in a future update or maybe we will get a bright idea on how to solve it but at the moment, this is how it is :(

  • Ok i can understand

    But Put this issue on top of developers priority list.

    As i don't want flip camera mechanism breaks or face any hardware issue

    As i want to mantaine this phone at least for next 10 years

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