Help ! Problem with air trigger or screen ?

XiiSharkzXiiSharkz Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Since yesterday i guess , when i press airtrigger , the right touch automatically not detecting my finger. Anyone have this kind of problem ? Was the hardware issue or something that i setting make this problem occur ? Really need help here . Please refer my video .


  • This is video explain how the problem occur . So basically , when i need to scope and aim my enemy , my phone stop detect my finger at there , i need to release my finger and then touch it back . I really hope that is not hardware issues since asus centre doesn't exist here 😔😔

  • This is how the game is designed. Try putting two fingers on that side of the screen and the same thing will happen. The solution is to move your scope or whatever button it is you want to press to the other side of the screen because you're always having your left thumb on the movement pad so there shouldn't be any issue if you do it like this

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