My gpu MHz is very low and doesn't go above 1405

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HI, sorry my reply had many mistakes.. This is because I started investigating on this issue 2 days ago. Those 2 days I did a lot of research on this issue but couldn't really find luck. This started when I was playing fortnite and had may drops in fps. after hours of research I found this. as you can see in the following picture there are two white temps in the bottom. one is very high and one is at 70. before I use to have both of these temps high os I got good fps. but now look. on investigating this I will also show u what the rog panel says. As the following video shows that the gpu Mhz is very low but cpu is at acting good performance very high. before when I bought this laptop last year it was both high , I don't really know what caused this maybe a windows update or something . please help



  • It might happens either from incompatible graphics drivers or windows update or not connected ac adaptor or not enabled high performance plan power paln or not disabled antivirus software before playing.

  • Wait I never disabled anti virus what does this mean . I have bite virus free

  • I don't have any antivirus software. I use builtin windows defender.

  • So u mean If I uninstall my antivirus software bite then is Windows defender safe enough to replace bite

  • I edited the windows defender by enhanced security measures and I configured through it.

    Only needs advanced users . Many of the users doesnot use Full features of windows defender. I came to know those, so I adapted it.

  • May I know what's the model of your Gpu . Use cpu z software,post the screenshot.

  • And second thing when this issue started you can see in the forntite picture above that the two temps below one temps is high and one temps is low . When I checked my gpu I found out it wasn't crossing 1405 MHz at all and below it something you perf limiter was written. If there is a way to disable this I will and I will also delte bite

  • First tell whats the model of your Gpu and mm brand

  • It's gtx 1060 and btw do I delete bite defender free version

  • Do you mean Bit defender edition.

    It's good for windows

    Most of all users recommend Either Bit defender total security or Kaspersky Total security.

  • If u don't know I am searching for this issue for days and I need a solution never passes 1405 while cpu goes above 3000 before both were like cpu I have a feeling you perf limiter is capping it to 1405

  • Will you check with Hwinfo software, paste the screenshot showing nvidia GPU

  • Is there a way to disable gpi perf limiter

  • What update adds this so I can install the update before it

  • Open the nvdia control panel , you will performance encounters disable option

  • Waitt ehere. I don't see it where is it

  • Also how to add high performance plan windows

  • here is the screenshot

  • Wait how to get this setting I don't have from where to get developer access

  • go to control panel, then power , create new power plan , select high performance plan give some name , click ok .

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