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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: MAX PRO M2
  2. Firmware Version: UPDATED
  3. Rooted or not: NOT ROOTED
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: DAILY
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


I have bought MAX PRO M2.. But it doesn't have AUTO CALL RECORD feature.. Every max pro m2 have this problem.. We go for third party apps.. but no apps doesn't function properly ..I have complained frequently about addition of this feature.. But no response.. PLEASE ADD AUTO CALL RECORDING TO MAX PRO M2.. IT WILL HELP for Going for Asus Instead of other Mobiles In future..



  • Asus doesn't care whether you are going to tell 500 of your friends or 1000 of your friends. They do what absolutely they think. One and half year ago, when we bought this phone on the very first sale, we raised this issue and Asus told that they brought Max Pro M2 with pure stock experience with minimal of bloatwares or junk apps so that the device runs smoothly. Thats why they always said they are taking note of it to introduce Call Recorder app in future updates but in last 1 year they have already provided number of updates including Pie Upgrade and they didn't provide it in any of its updates.

  • There are so many ''don't caring companies'' , who went to hell , When it comes to user experience and does not meet user expectations ..

    and a small size of call recording app is not a big bloatware which destroy the phone to run smoothly... if it will destroy then you have problem with your firmware..accept it..

    Mind it.. single piece of drops forms the sea.. 500/1000 is not just a number..

    So let asus know.. Every empire who hadn't listen to their people(users) had finished under not too good conditions to awake again😀..

  • Call recording is not a bloatware. But Asus took GMS (Google Mobile Services) which has phone app developed by Google. So, Asus can't do anything on it. Do remember that Call recording on phone app can only be provided by Google in Max Pro M1 & M2. Don't say I bought phone from Asus not from Google. Call recording will not be provided by Asus. Blame Google for it.

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    The thing is, its not just Asus but every other brands which provide stock android phones with pure stock UI (not with custom UI), they all provide apps as per Google's version of apps to be specific GMS as @manojreddy.budati has mentioned above already. And as per GMS Policy, Google doesn't allow OEM companies to access the device Microphone in two occasions at a time. As for example, when a call is being made using Google Dialer app, the Dialer app itself would access the Mic primarily, then the Call Recorder app won't be allowed to access the Mic to record the in-call conversation using the Mic as Google sees it as a privacy violation of the users. This is not just the case with the Stock Dialer app but in every other apps which access the Microphone, they can't allow the microphone to work in more that one app at a time. Thats why, you cannot record a Gameplay such as PUBG Mobile with both the in-game sounds as well as the teammates and your own voice chat sounds. It can either record the Gameplay in-game sounds or the voice chat sounds. Its Google's limitation which is why you cannot even install a 3rd party app to record call conversation in a stock android either. So, when you are going to buy Stock Android with "Pure Stock UI", you are about to face some limitations which are not OEM specific but as per Google's guidelines set for the brands which they can't violate.

  • You will get call recording in stock android 11 but not in max pro m1,m2 because android 10 is the last os update. Rumour says that Google will introduce call recording and screen recording with internal audio in android 11(they are working on it). Stock android has alot of limitations plus if you buy a stock android phone like asus , Xiaomi, etc then you will face alot of bugs. Xiaomi released android 10 update 3 times and they rolled it back every time, . Sames goes for old nokia devices android 10 update has been postponed and they ruined there nokia 7.2 after android 10 update. Its really hard for developers to work on AOSP rom then there custom UI.

  • I understand.. but asus should consult about this with google and take a try to introduce it.. Because it is a matter of user experience.. if call recording and stock android is in the phone at a time.. Then it could be best for users as well as asus .. there are so many users like me who didn't knew that stock android does not comes with call recording app at the time of buying.. otherwise I personally couldn't have bought this phone..

  • Google will never agree even pixel phone doesn't have call recording and you asus wish to give call recording then they have to use custom rom like zenui.

  • Hi, Thanks for sharing we have been receiving this request from quite sometime.

    You know all feature request cannot be fullfilled because of multiple reasons, UI, optimisation, stock Android limitation etc can be a challenge.

    Still, we are reviewing this feature. If there is any chance the same should be updated.

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