The red plus symbol on battery's disappeared

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I'm using Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 (X01BDA) for about 9 months.

Well, with that small red plus on my battery while charging it's only need about 3 hours untill my battery full.

But lately that red plus symbol suddenly disappeared and it need about 7 hours 'till my battery full. That's a huge gap and I'm getting worry that might be something happened and I don't have idea about it.

Bt the way im using my original charger. It would be pleasant if you have any ideas about what's might be happening 😔


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    You should follow the below mentioned steps :

    1. Considering your Max Pro M2 currently having charge for few hours of usage, keep using the phone till 0% and let it get turned off due to low battery.
    2. Connect your charger and keep charging the phone in switched off condition until the charging gets full and the green charging light glows on.
    3. Once the charging light turns green, power ON your max pro m2 but do not disconnect the charging cable or switch off the plug.
    4. Once the Asus logo shows up during power on, disconnect the charging cable and let the phone in idle condition for next few minutes. After that, start using the phone normally.
    5. The above mentioned steps are part of battery calibration procedure which would reset the battery stat system file.
    6. Now keep using the phone and put it on charging when battery % falls below 30%. Now check whether the red plus sign is showing up or not.

    P.S. : that red colored plus sign denotes that the battery is being charged "Rapidly" which triggers only when you are not using the phone during charging. Try to avoid heavy usage during charging and you would see that red plus sign till 70-75% of charging after which that plus sign becomes black till 100% which means the battery goes to normal charging speed mode once the battery is charged over 70-75%.

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