Asus ZenBook UX450FD has stopped completely

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Model: UX450FD

Hello all, yesterday I was playing WatchDogs 2, and connecting a USB cable to charge my mobile, the battery of my laptop was fully charged and its connected to the AC, suddenly the laptop turned off, no charging light, and it is not booting and not responding.

I need your help please

Thank you


  • Disconnect all external devices connected to laptop,. Now press and hold Power Button for 120 seconds. Release after.

    Connect charger again, charge for 5 minutes,

    Now power on laptop. Finished

  • It didn't work, any other solution please?

    The charging light still turned off, this is very strange, I'm afraid of a problem with the motherboard!

    Do you suggest me to open cover and disconnect the battery and press power button for 120s and connect it, charging it for 5 minutes too ?

    Thank you so much

  • If your laptop comes with removable battery means, then openit

  • No, it's with unremovable battery, I'm still trying to turn it on .. can you please explain to me what is the reasons of (charging light off) ?


  • Might be looses connections on the MB.

    Or led light is damaged

    Or power button is damaged on MB

    Or many other reasons.

    We cant guess without opening of laptop, so go to nearest asus service and get repaired.

  • Hello Adballah,

    Please send your device to service center for further examination.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you my friends, I will do it, but tell me please if Asus service center can solve my problem even if I have no warranty, I can pay for fixing anyway.

    Firstly I must looking for if there is Asus service center in Lyon/ France.

    Do you trust general services center to solve this problem?

    Thank you 💐

  • Hello Adballah,

    Please refer to below link.

    Thank you.

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