Battery capacity Problem......

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My phone feels like it only has 3000-4000mah capacity.

My phone is at 91% charge and in app it says it has 4150-4175mah power.... According to this it only has 4590mah battery....

YouTube, chrome - uninstalled

Location is off for the most time

Refresh rate at 60hz

Aura lighting is off

I force closed every app......

Please any suggestions would be good... Thanks.


  • It just a application. For me sometime its show 92% heath. I reinstall it then i charge it show 88% health. It changes according to charging.

  • Accubattery has proven several times to not be that accurate. On top of this we have the battery stats in Android which are also not accurate. So it's frustrating for both users and the manufacturer because it's easy to put a lot of trust in these numbers.

    Here are some things I normally suggest that users can try when they feel that the battery life is shorter than normal.

    First of all, restart your device. It solves a lot of issues. Your phone will work better if you restart it once per week.

    Second, go to system settings -> battery -> powermaster -> auto-start manager and prevent all the apps to auto start that you don't need a notification from.

    After this go to system settings -> advanced -> Mobile Manager -> Memory cleaner -> Turn on Super Clean mode -> enter app list and uncheck any app that you must get notifications from -> go back -> open recent apps overview and press clear all.

    Restart your phone. 

    If you notice that you battery life has improved, then you have a battery draining app among the apps that are no longer allowed to start by itself.

    If the tricks above doesn't work, then please put your phone in flight mode when you go to bed. If you have lost more than a couple of percent after 8h sleep, then there might be a bug in the system that we have to investigate.

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