Heating issue March update

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I am facing heating issue in 6z, after March security patch update. In normal surfing internet by wifi facing heating issue.


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    I would look for the cause somewhere else than in the last update, I cannot confirm what you describe.

  • johnCforVTSjohnCforVTS Level 2
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    I have the same suspicion. I never before updating noticed heating in everyday use except gaming. The last days temperatures are considerably higher. Ill keep an eye on it and get back to you for confirmation

  • When I charge phone it heat

  • johnCforVTSjohnCforVTS Level 2
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    I am pretty confident about the heating issue . The last days ( post .144 update ) although i do not use my device as much i used it previously (pre .144 update ) temperatures are definetly higher. Never before my fingers were sweaty because of the device! Its not that it heats up just by resting, i was video calling ( but for a much shorter period of time in comparison with pre144 days ) and the phone remains considerably hot for about 5minutes after video calling ended.

    Anyone else with something similar?

    Edit* ** i just realised that some of the last days my home wifi was down and i was running everything with cellular data and as i know that it could be a factor on both battery drain and temperature... So ill be back when i am sure that this is not a factor anymore!

  • Hi raju, post update this can happen.

    Has it normalized?

    Also, considering the summers the temperature tends to add up on device heat.

    Under normal room temperate & also during idle it shouldn't

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