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Hi everyone,

a few month ago, I thought that my Asus Zenfone 4 Max ZC520KL internal storage is too full with app trash and is getting slower. So I decided to reset my Phone completely to have a fresh start.

Since then I am having lots of trouble with this phone:

- some Apps (i.e. Twitch, ebay, Twitter ...) are completely unable to show notifications in the status bar

- other Apps (i.e. Gmail) give hours delayed notifications

- in Google play downloads/updates often wont start. Sometimes it works after a day

-clevershuttle app (a taxicompany here in berlin) wont start at all. I talked to the devs: they never heard of the problem and cant help me

- even after the apps got several updates: no change

I have read many Zentalk threads about it, with many people having similar problems. I watched many Youtube solution videos with some good ideas. Its just so weird to me, because I hoped my phone would work better after a reset. I wish I could reset it to the version it had, when I bought it and then update it, so that I can reproduce the way it was.

I tried:

- Mobile Manager>Autostart Manager>allow all apps.

- Power optimization>dont optimize apps

- Data usage>allow apps full data access

- app manager> reset preferences of all apps

- delete app data and cache

- uninstall apps updates

- uninstall apps and reinstall

- check all notification settings

- search all kind of possible settings throughout the phones menu, mobile manager, energysaving settings etc.

- review all apps internal settings

- restart the phone

I havent tried:

- the only thing I changed after the reset of my phone is, that I added my Fingerprint and use it sometimes to unlock my phone or bank apps. I will check what happens when i delete my Fingerprint, because in a similar thread about a Zenfone 5, I read that notifications wont come if you use Face recognition. Which is weird and a bit comparable to my problem.

- resetting my phone again completely. This is really the last thing I want to try. It needs a lot of preparation and time to reinstall and setup all my apps. and I am afraid that I will have the same problems again or even more. Because in the beginning after the reset I had even more Problems (i.e. with the notification LED not working, whatsapp not giving notifications at all...) which I could solve at least partially.

What worries me also, is the fact, that some of the other threads talking about those problems have been deleted. Sounds almost like a conspiracy :D. But thats maybe because the ZenTalk App is discontinued and now leads to the webpage.

I was always very happy with this phone. I like Asus, my whole Computer has Asus parts. I was looking forward to buy a new Zenfone one day. I hope I can solve the problems with your help and stay a fan of the brand.

Thank you in advance,

Happy Eastern and stay healthy

Greetings from Berlin



  • try factory reset phone !

  • I hope I dont have to do that again...

  • Did the reset work.

    What is your cpu showing in terms of load. Sounds like something is making it work harder then normal. I would disable all apps and see what the processor load is. If it drops then something with one or more of those apps is causing the issue.

    Silly as it sounds maybe a virus has infected the operating software. Try one of the apps from the play store that will test your phone for infection.

  • Hi grafmarv,

    Sorry we're not finding this behavior on our devices here. We're afraid we'll suggest that you backup your data and try a factory reset.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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