Zenbook UX581GV Enable action menu isssue

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I have Zenbook Pro Duo with screepad plus. it has

action menu option which is enabled however it does not work. i have contacted Asus and they have asked me to install SCreenXpert app, which did not make any difference. i have attached screenshot. if anybody could help to get that setting back. it use to work before not anymore.



  • It might be worth checking the Snap Windows settings in Windows to make sure that they are enabled.

  • Did that, almost tried everything. Been in contact with Asus for over a week now and they couldn't resolve it either. Eventually they have asked me to reset the windows completely and see if this resolves it.

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    I wouldn't do that because after the reset you will lose some other settings for good, like LinkToMyAsus. There are some problems with the drivers currently from my experience with the same laptop.

  • Agreed, i did not reset it as its absurd. Yes it has to be drivers so i decided to wait, also i am not really dying not having this option

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    Zenbook Pro Duo i9, i'm facing the same issue with the Action Menu, it makes the screenpad a bit less feasible for me without the 3pop-ups showing, kindly help with this problem, thanks. (i've tried turning the action menu on/off, also tried the snap windows, nothing has helped so far)

  • Hey Ad09. i have tried everything. even at 1 stage i have uninstalled all the updates still didn't work. Even Asus cannot fix it. they have sent me countless drivers and apps to try but it didn't work. i have found 1 way around it but thats not very easy so Action menu should work.

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    I reset mine due to other issues, not related to Asus, but more to Windows, and let's say that I regret it. Unfortunately, if you reset it, the drivers cannot be reset to the factory versions. Basically, if you updated the drivers via MyAsus or Asus drivers website, that driver will replace the one from the factory completely, for good.

    Possibly it will work only if you do a clean Windows install, with your own Windows iso, but I do not recommend it al all as it might break even more things.

    For people who didn't reset theirs, I highly recommend doing a SSD drive clone, and here I'm talking about completely backup everything. There are many free software available out there. Encapsulate your software in that backup and if something goes wrong, you can revert to it. It's not guaranteed but it's the most you can do. Do not rely on Windows restore points as it never works.

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    Try going in the Quick guide option and see if it let you complete the intro guide. There, it should enable it by default.

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    hi, what 1 way, could you please share, thank you.

  • Hi its not letting me upload video here. you can open a window that you would like to expand to both screens. resize it from the bottom and take it all the way to the bottom screen. this way you can use both screens at the same time for one application. it weren't letting me do this couple of days ago. Asus asked me to install couple of drivers or i might have changed some settings(i was playing around a lot in last few days) but it letting to resize the window to the bottom screen now.

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    resizing works but that makes the task alot more longer, i'd say just dragging to the action menu is instant but resizing the window takes like ten or even more times longer. Someone help with this please, we have bought such an expensive laptop from your company you shall assist us, as it is only a software issue and could be solved online.

  • i agree, well i have been in contact with Asus over a week and they made me do many things to resolve it but it nothing resolved it.

    i bought it overseas and everything is closed due to corona virus, otherwise i would have taken it to Asus and hand it over to fix it

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    agreed, also it's some software problem i'm pretty certain about that b/c i'd say that sometimes it happens without even me doing it on purpose, so if i drag my window a bit aside, sometimes my window shifts on the screenpad on its own, say that the Action Menu may still be there but it might just not be visible, i know this sounds a bit unusual but that's how it is. i never thought i'd face such minor problems like these.

    Also, i tried contacting them through mail and complaint center, some of the troubleshooting you had sent me did not help at all, plus i can not afford to loose my installed programs, if i give it to the service they will definitely factory reset it, i can do that at home, but i do not want to.

    someone kindly look into this, thank you.

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    You’ve probably done this already, but just in case you haven’t it’s probably worth a try to go through the recommended troubleshooting. Here is the URL in text as I cannot post links yet:


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    hey rodrigo, thank you and yes, i have already tried it, it did not help me.

  • Hello bilal05 & AD09,

    May you recall if there were any update or modification before the issue occurred?

    Thank you.

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    windows updates automatically, we can't stay on the same version forever as that is how it works, so i'm hoping Asus made the software for Screenpad considering that. if not then what do we do, of course the windows may have done it's automatic updating. And about modification i don't think there's any modification that happened although i'd like to try some troubleshooting.

    Kindly help us with this ASAP, thank you.

  • I have tried uninstalling some updates, did not help. i read somewhere given this is a new laptop this problem is not common so there is not much help available, but someone suggested contacting Microsoft. i have not yet.

  • From what I’ve read in these forums, problems with re-installing the ScreenPad drivers is a pretty common problem. The reinstall process either doesn’t install all of the necessary components or fails to configure them properly.

    It would be very useful to have ASUS Support personnel take a laptop with a ScreenPad and/or a ScreenPad Plus, have them wipe the system, install an unmodified copy of Windows 10 on the system and then reinstall the ScreenPad drivers so that they could see the problems for themselves. Then they could try to address them.

    Just some wishful thinking.

  • Well whatever the issue is Asus should fix it. we all need to raise this to Asus, i already have and will again lodge a complaint so should all of you who is facing this issue so it can be resolved.

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