Battery drain in Zenfone max pro m1



  • Not in switch off condition

    But in normal it is draining

  • Still no reply or solution from Asus. Perfect way to sabotage their own brand. Who will want to buy a brand like this again?

    Meanwhile the phone is almost unusable.

  • Hey i try xda solution and it works

    -clear data play service and gogle play data

    -Delete your fingerprint data and dont use fingerprint again. FP use more battery when standby/idle. It also happen on other vendor. Just use other unlock metod

    I have try this and my phone can standby for 2-3 days.

  • Does asus team or anyone responsible for this issue has a plan to solve this? I already replace my battery from service center but the battery draining issue still persist. How come they still dont make an update to solve this problem. Pls make a solution. ASAP. We already face this issue for a long time. Customers dont deserve this. We deserve better experience. We demand solution from you. Really Frustrated.

  • Guy's Update Your max pro m1 with latest update build no 87.

    Because It solves my idle battery draining in night.

    I have checked it for 2 days.

    At first day 35% was at night and next day it was 33%.

    Yesterday battery was 4% and today morning 4% .

    So i think idle battery draining issue solved.

    And i found another issue solved speaker's volume issue, Now speaker is having better volume volume than earlier.

    Screen on time showing 10 hour 30 mins till 4% .

    By using small Games for 1 hour YouTube for 3 hours and Rest Normal Day to Day life apps.

    So i think this update is Best for max pro m1!!!



  • It didn't work. I updated my phone to latest update .87 bulid number.

    I reset my phone nd recalibrated too but it is same as before.

    Please help

  • I have 5Z and had same issue. After I factory resetted they phone and disabled all apps background individually the issue was gone.

  • Even I thought issue has been resolved after the latest update. But after two days, it has started draining again. And now it's intermittent. The phone enters sleep mode for about half or half less than half of the time while in standby.

    Seriously fed up with Asus.

  • Battery is now draining almost like before.

    Asus has pulled yet another practical joke on us.

  • My max pro m1 is in .087 version now. I am facing a issue of draining of battery without doing anything. If i keep my phone 90% at night , in the morning it is going down to 65-70%. Many users facing this problem why asus is not fixing this bug ?

  • Mine too.. Will this ever be fixed or does ASUS forcing us to buy another model?, I don't understand.

  • Me too have the same problem and this can make ur battery swollen , i change my battery yesterday try all the suggest on top

    Nothing change plss helppp

  • Bro Downgrade to Android Oreo.

    Draining issue ll solve.

    But it is also Draining 2 to 3 % in night.

    But far better than 40% Draining

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